Welcome to the New Heaven Network Donation Shop!


Donations help keep the server running and expand. While donations are needed to progress the server, we have an extremely important principle: never pay to win. Most of us have experienced servers where the top donators get impossibly overpowered weapons and armor, as well as flying and godmode. It is not fair that someone can buy their way to the top and leave the others at a huge disadvantage.


We want to keep the server fun for the everyone, not just people with money. Which is why most of our perks are centered around cosmetics and boosters. We do not limit significant features to only donators.


So while donating, keep in mind that it's to help contribute to the server. Thanks in advance!

* Please note we are not affiliated with Mojang in any way, and there are no refunds for donations under any cirumstances. If there is an error, contact a staff member.