Welcome to the New Heaven Network Donation Shop!


Donations help keep the server running and expand; without them we wouldn't be able to afford our own server machine instead of a mediocre Minecraft host every 10 year old owner uses. (No offense, 10 year olds.) We offer comsetics, perks, and boosters to make your experience on New Heaven even more enjoyable.



How long does it take for donations to process? 

It usually takes no more than ten minutes to fully process the payment and commands on the server. If it takes more than thirty minutes, feel free to contact staff on the server, Website, or Discord.


Can we refund our donations?

Refunds are not given under any circumstances. By donating, you agree to not request a refund, dispute the payment, or chargeback. Doing so will result in becoming IP-banned on the server and donation shop with no exceptions.


Can we use anything other than PayPal? 

We accept PayPal and Credit/Debit Cards. (To use a Credit/Debit Card, use PayPal checkout and click "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" instead of signing in.)



* Please note we are not affiliated with Mojang in any way, and all payments are handled through PayPal. If there is an error, contact a staff member via Discord with proof of purchase.


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